Pirates of the Caribbean Tour

Explore first-hand the sights from the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew from “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.”  During this tour you’ll see Ti Tou (meaning “little throat hole”) Gorge, where Orlando Bloom’s character swam during scenes of the movie. Visitors can swim through the refreshing water of the cave-like structure to encounter the natural wonder, finding a small waterfall at the end. And upon returning to the entrance you’ll be greeted by natural hot-spring water falling down a wall.

You’ll also travel to the nearby Trafalgar Falls. To view these twin falls located about 20 minutes from Roseau, you’ll take a 10 minute walk on a trail through the forest to a viewing platform. Intrepid travelers can hike further along to reach the cool waterfall pool. Along the way you’ll find hot water sulphur springs flowing down the mountain and creating pools along the trail.

From here Sheppee takes you to a nearby area with an abundance of thermal activity, making it prime location for several businesses that offer hot sulphur pools in which to soak. You can also witness the thermal activity at a few steaming natural pools of boiling sulphur water. Vendors along the roadside here hawk their wares, which include local souvenirs such as sulphur mud – especially helpful for facial skin rejuvenation – jewelry, small bottles of Dominican rum and other products manufactured on the island.

Then, on your drive to yet another thermally active wonder of Dominica – Champagne Beach – you’ll venture through the Botanical Gardens where you’ll view a sampling of the stunning flora and fauna found on the island. From there Sheppee’s fun tour drives you to Morne Bruce, a stunning lookout over Dominica’s capital city, Roseau. You’ll see a panoramic overhead view of the city, cruise ship berth, mountains and Caribbean Sea. At Champagne you can gear up with snorkel equipment and be off on an underwater adventure unlike any other. While snorkeling visitors encounter colorful coral and fish species but the most unique sight are the champagne-like bubbles trickling upward from the seabed. It’s a natural wonder caused by the volcanic/thermal activity on the island. If you free dive down a few feet you can also witness a scalding hot thermal vent free flowing form the rock seabed.

Lastly, it’s as brief drive back to Roseau where you’ll have time to stroll through town.

Throughout the driving and walking tour of Dominica Sheppee and his trained guides give visitors their personal and historical accounts of the various areas through which you pass. Sheppee Fun Tours equips all tour vehicles with a cooler full of fruit juices, natural fresh spring water, sodas, rum punches, and cold beer to maximize the fun of this island adventure.