Emerald Pool/Trafalgar Falls Mega Tour

Trek through Dominica’s interior with Sheppee Fun Tours on this expedition. You’ll start by driving into part of the Morne Trois Piton National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The first stop is Emerald Pool, aptly named for the green-blue color glowing from the pool when the sunlight filters through the canopy of trees. This easily accessible waterfall-fed pool is located a pleasant 15 minute stroll through the rain forest. Upon reaching the pool you can take a swim in the cool, refreshing water and explore the flourishing vegetation and beautiful overhanging trees.

The tour continues on a drive through pineapple and banana plantations and you have the chance to stop at Mr. Nice Foods, a roadside stand where you can sample the freshest local fruits and vegetables for free. From there Sheppee tours takes visitors along Dominica’s longest river, the Layou, and then through the historical villages of Mahut and Massacre.

It’s then on to the second major water feature of this tour: Trafalgar Falls. Sheppee and his crew will lead you from the visitors’ center on a 10 minute walk along a forest trail to a viewing platform where you can see the grand landscape of the valley including these twin falls. A few steps further along the trail you can take a dip in sulphur pools filled with hot water trickling down the mountainside. Adventurous travelers can continue on the hike to get a closer look at one of the waterfalls by walking along the boulder-filled riverbank to the refreshing pool.

On the last leg of the fun tour you’ll drive through the historic Botanical Gardens to view a sampling of the island’s flora and fauna. From there Sheppee takes you to Morne Bruce, a viewpoint overlooking Dominica’s capital city, Roseau. You’ll see a breathtaking, birds-eye view of the city, cruise ship berth, Caribbean Sea and mountains.

Throughout the driving and walking tour of Dominica Sheppee and his trained guides give visitors their personal and historical accounts of the various areas through which you pass. Sheppee Fun Tours equips all tour vehicles with a cooler full of fruit juices, natural fresh spring water, sodas, rum punches, and cold beer to maximize the fun of this island adventure.