Create your own Tour

With Sheppee Fun Tour’s flexible and accommodating service, you can create a customized tour just for you and your traveling companion(s). Below are some examples of additional sites to see in the beautiful Dominica countryside that haven’t been featured in other tours with Sheppee. Take your pick of the sites you wish to visit and contact Sheppee to build a personalized tour.

Spany (Penrice) Falls

These two waterfalls are located near Belles village, a brief walk from Spanny’s Bar. A trail off the beaten road leads you on a 15 minute easy-going walk to the first small waterfall and clear, refreshing pool. You can stop to take a bath in this shallow pool and/or continue on the short hike up to the next fall. This part of the trail requires slightly more effort, as it is less defined and steep, though not difficult, at the beginning. A path is clear by the steps in the tree roots and the line of rope tied off at points along the way, which assists as you climb and pull yourself up. Keep hold of the rope as you continue on the narrow path, winding through a rainforest thick with tree canopies and ferns. The second fall is slightly taller than the first and offers an equally beautiful, but slightly deeper, pool in which to bathe.

Victoria Falls

One of two major waterfalls on the east coast, Victoria Falls is an awe-inspiring water feature located about a 1 hour hike along the White River. The hike entails several river crossings (none more than hip deep) and moving yourself over river boulders large and small. This medium difficulty hike is worth the effort; you’ll be rewarded by the sight of a powerful waterfall rushing down the cliff in to a large pool ripe for swimming, not to mention the stunning views throughout the hike.

Boeri Lake

This is the highest lake in Dominica, perched at an altitude of more than 2,800 feet in the Morne Trois Piton National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Boeri Lake is located about a 1 mile hike from Freshwater Lake and its water level varies depending on the dry and wet season precipitation.

Carib Territory/Reserve

The Carib Territory/Reserve is a 3,700 acre area on the east coast of Dominica where the island’s indigenous population, the Carib Indians – properly named the Kalinago – live. When visiting this area you’ll have the opportunity to converse with the friendly people and learn about the rich history of these people whose ancestors originally inhabited Dominica. While there you can also browse the many craft shops and visit the dancing cultural group dedicated to keeping alive the traditions of the Kalinago people.